Delicious Foods Found in the Middle East 

Delicious Foods Found in the Middle East

Middle Eastern food doesn’t seem to be getting as much credit as it deserves! Most of you may not be able to name even one Middle Eastern food; yet you have likely eaten a number of them! Oh, you do know some? Well, good! For those of you who don’t, here are a few foods that are from the Middle East that you may have already eaten without knowing it!


Hummus is quite a common food around the world. You’ve probably seen it before, if not eaten it yourself. Hummus is a mashed chickpea dip made with tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. It is often served with pita bread. This wonderful little appetizer is not only good for you, but tastes delicious! If you haven’t tried hummus before, I recommend buying a tub today!


Tahini is used in lots of Middle Eastern foods, including hummus. Essentially, it is a sesame seed paste, cooked into a liquid alongside olive oil or vegetable oil. It isn’t typically used on its own, but provides great flavour to the things it’s added to!


You’ve most likely heard of the falafel before. The fried balls made of chickpeas, onions and spices make for a tasty appetizer or light vegetarian meal. The make an excellent sandwich when combined with pita bread!  If you truly haven’t heard of the falafel or simply have yet to try it, I recommend you get out there and do so as soon as you possibly can!

Pita Bread

The bread itself, mentioned in so many of the previous foods; pita bread is designed to go with basically every Middle Eastern dish invented! Pita bread is made in much the same way as ordinary bread but with less water and yeast to keep it flat and somewhat fluffy. Pita bread can be eaten on its own just as easily as it can be stuffed with cheese or meat, or used as dipping bread for snack-like dips or soups. Pita bread’s versatility is unmatched when it comes to breads! If you plan to eat anything Middle Eastern in the near future, don’t forget to add some pita bread to the mix! You won’t regret it! It tastes fantastic!

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is renowned for its strong rich taste. The power behind Turkish coffee leaves most others feeling weak. It has a hint a cardamom and is prepared carefully in an ibrik and allowed to sit a minute before serving to allow the coffee grains to fall to the bottom of the cup. According to a Turkish proverb “coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and as sweet as love”. Sounds like my kind of coffee! Regardless, these are the foods that you may or may not have eaten or drank before without realizing they were from the Middle East. Now that you know, give them a try! Spread the word to others about the wonders of cuisine that originated from the Middle East!